Friday, 15 June 2012

Dream Diary

Diary thing...not really sure how it's all gonna go. I'm trying for a semi biographical/semi fictitious blog diary. Fictitious cos I'm well aware my life isn't that entertaining.

Day Fucking One

The Shape chased me again last night. I was in his house this time, all shadows and creek. He had a prisoner, a girl. Maybe I was trying to rescue her...maybe I was just trying to rescue myself.
                That last sentence is overly dramatic.
                The Shape’s been chasing me for years now.
                It started on the 31st of October. The lads went out knacker drinking or whatever. I stayed in, wanted to see the scary. John Carpenter’s Halloween. I mightn’t have watched it if I knew how severe it would leave me. Everyone calls the killer ‘Michael Myers’ but that’s not right. If you ride the movie out until the credits the killer’s name is ‘The Shape’. You know the one; walks after you in a white mask/jump suit ensemble. Got a carving knife as long as your forearm. Nothing seems to kill him and you never seem to get shot of him. Little piece of trivia: the budget on the original was so small that they actually bought a William Shatner mask and spray painted it white.
                So now I’m afraid of Star Trek too.
                Fear had me like a surrogate mother. If The Shape was real then Batman or someone would be real too. If Myers showed up to slice me then it was possible for Spiderman to show up and web him. That’d settle me. Eventually I’d yawn out the panic and sleep. That’s when the dreams started.
                I’m way older now and the dreams haven’t stopped. What’s slightly more unnerving is that they usually pre-date something bad. I’m not saying I’m psychic or anything. Just that my nightmares are. November 1st, the first day after my first Shape dream, my grandmother died. They’re not Banshee dreams, like I have one then someone kicks it. But something bad always happens. June 7th 2001, I fell and knocked out three teeth. April 20th 2002 Mam lost her job due to a ‘re-organising’ at work. December 25th 2004, or as I’ve dubbed it: Black Christmas, the first year where my folks decided I’d stop getting presents. All post Shape dream.
                They’re the only instances I can remember but I’ve had way more Shape dreams. It’s time to get serious about keeping track. If I go down in a hail of bullets tomorrow maybe someone will find this and put some money into a study on slasher-flick themed dreams. Like right now it’s ten forty five and there are a load of craze-balls screaming outside my window. The God damned zombie apocalypse might have started. Though it is football season...
                Anyway that’s the crux of it. I’ll take it day by day. If I’m gonna get Freddied in my dreams by Michael the internet will know. But I’m getting tired now, I woke up at six in the morning and couldn’t get back asleep. This is goodnight.  I’ll post up day two tomorrow, maybe I’ll tell you about the POV-style movie dreams I have. We’ll see how it goes.
                Whatever you do don’t fall asleep...